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Required Training for all Volunteers:

All Victim Relief personnel and volunteers must submit to a background check.  This is required in order to allow access to disaster areas, shelters, hospitals, and other restricted areas.  Volunteers generally must wear their Victim Relief badge and credentials as a recognized national agency known to the authorities.  In addition, Victim Relief requires background checks and credentials from all partner organizations such as Victim Care Association that accompany our volunteers into restricted areas.

The training director of all Victim Relief classes and certifications Dr. H. Norman Wright, the nation’s foremost counselor in grief and trauma and author of more than 80 books on this subject. Training is currently required at the basic and advanced levels, covering specialized topics in the following:

  1. Disaster site protocols
  2. Crisis and emotional counseling
  3. Stress management
  4. Death notifications
  5. Mental health assessments
  6. Grief and loss counseling.

Over the 20-year life of Victim Relief, thousands of volunteers have been trained and deployed nationwide.

Specialized Optional Training Certifications:

Trauma Center Certification

Training and certification for victim assistance in hospitals and medical centers, including the ability to work within HIPPA guidelines and to access emergency and treatment rooms .

Law Enforcement Certification

Training and certification for victim assistance at the sites of crimes and accidents under the rules established by the local law enforcement representatives for preservation of evidence and custody of documents.

Transportation Center Certification

Training and certification for victim assistance at disasters in airports, train stations, and other mass transit centers.