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Relief Teams

Each Victim Relief Team is made up of volunteers from local humanitarian and service organizations.  Each Relief Team has a Team Leader who is a member of the sponsoring local service organization.  The Team Leader supervises the Team and coordinates with the Victim Relief national office for all the Team’s training and service work.

Victim Relief provides assistance in organizing and building the Team, advanced training, software, supervision, administration, and interface with governmental agencies, law enforcement, and service agencies.  These services are provided to the service organization free of any cost or charge.

A Relief Team’s first priority is to respond to disaster victims suffering from loss or grief.  This team’s responsibilities is to deploy on the ground at a disaster site to deliver and distribute blankets, food, water, clothing, and furniture.  A Relief Team may also contain specialized Units consisting of volunteers who receive advanced training in responding to disaster relief at trauma centers and transportation centers.  Volunteers who train for these services receive special credentials needed for access to specific locations.

A Volunteer may receive training and credentials for multiple services, such as the Disaster Unit and the Trauma Unit.  Costs and expenses for travel to disaster or terrorism sites outside the local area are paid by Victim Relief.

The sponsoring of a Relief Team gives a local service organization the ability to identify the disaster victims’ needs and be prepared to quickly and effectively respond to the needs of these victims of disasters or terrorism around the world.