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The mission of Victim Relief is to provide physical and emotional assistance and support to victims and their families and friends in times of crisis brought on by both natural and man-made disasters.

Each week thousands of individuals and their families will experience the unexpected pain and loss caused by disasters of all kinds, including, but not limited to, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, terrorism events, and disease.  Since 9-11 hundreds of thousands have been victims of many different types of disasters.   Unfortunately disasters large and small have become so commonplace that headlines no longer shock.

Seeing and hearing about the on-going suffering is mind-numbing, but fails to diminish the human tragedy that plays out daily in this nation and others.  When the immediate trauma of a crisis brought about by disaster fades, there is a vacuum the victim must generally face alone.

To the question: “Who remains there to help even after the first responders leave?”,  the answer is Victim Relief.  Established almost 20 years ago in Dallas, Texas to serve local disaster victims, Victim Relief has expanded its ministry over the years to serve the physical and emotional needs of victims of disaster from coast to coast.

Victim Relief Teams strive to be among the first teams to respond to each disaster and to serve with compassion and encouragement in the difficult times.  In many cases, a victim has no close family or friends and Victim Relief is the only source of continuing physical and emotional support, providing follow-up assistance and coordinating with long-term service agencies.  At other times, our responders provide food, supplies, clothing, and furniture to meet the critical early physical needs, as well as emotional first aid to start the healing process while waiting for the arrival of a support group of family and friends.

By helping victims through the recovery process, Victim Relief is helping to build stronger and more unified communities, and fighting against the insidious erosion of community confidence caused by the failure or inability of other first responders in a way that denies the disaster its victory.  We strive to restore the victims to a normal, fruitful life and thus counteract the long-term effect of the crisis on the victims and their families,  and thereby add value to the community.

Implementing this system of physical and emotional support eventually promotes more community cooperation. The continuing network established by Victim Relief will bind the community together providing a safer and more productive society.  The goal of every member and volunteer of Victim Relief is simply to be and inspire others to be a Good Samaritan.