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Christmas Gifts delivered to Hurricane Harvey Homeless

On December 9, 2017 members of VRM trailered over 500 gifts from Dallas to Beaumont, Texas. The Christmas gifts were delivered to Shilo Carr ministries. They will be distributed next weekend at a dinner being held for approximately 1500 victims who are still homeless, because the Hurricane Harvey shelters shut down. VRM collected these gifts earlier in the week from the annual Christmas Gala hosted by Life Outreach International. This is always an exciting time of the year for Victim Relief Ministries. We are blessed to partner with other ministries to benefit victims of crime and disaster.

VRM volunteers (in yellow) Steve Crawford and Leslie Williams, along with Shilo Carr and her ministry volunteers, unloading gifts after the trailer arrived in Beaumont.

Victim Relief Murphy Texas Police

On Tuesday, October 3, Victim Relief was at the Murphy City Council meeting. At this meeting, the mayor signed a proclamation for Family Violence Month in Murphy, Texas. Following the meeting, our chaplains and responders paired up with Murphy PD officers to visit neighborhood block parties for National Neighbors Night Out. The Victim Relief team also joined Murphy PD on patrol ride-outs after the parties ended.

Those in the picture included Chief Cotten and Detective Sarah Ashmore of Murphy, and Victim Relief team members Jacob Vo, Win Brown, Steve Hanes and Mark Triplett.

Red Cross teams up with Victim Relief for Irma Help

Today Victim Relief teamed up with the American Red Cross www.redcross.org to address an emergency in North Texas. A number of evacuees escaping Hurricane Irma in Florida have not been able return home. As a result, these evacuees have made their way to the Dallas area.

Many of these evacuees needed financial assistance, so Victim Relief worked with the Red Cross to help. Victim Relief was able to quickly prepare $2500 in Visa gift cards for distribution to these victims so they could provide basic needs for their families. To maximize the gift, Victim Relief was able to negotiate with a local bank to waive all card fees to prepare and use the gift cards.

Victim Relief presents Red Cross with gift cards desperately needed for victims.
Victim Relief presents gift cards to Red Cross

On Friday afternoon, JD Harris of Victim Relief presented $2500 in Visa Gift cards to Jeanne Reinelt from the Red Cross. They manage the Dallas shelters for hurricane victims. These Visa cards will be given out to Hurricane Irma victims. These victims arrived in North Texas recently, and are desperate for assistance.

Mr Harris commented, “In the wake of North Texas Giving Day yesterday, Victim Relief Ministries would like to say a special thank you to its generous donors and supporters. Victim Relief donors make such assistance to crisis victims possible.”

Victim Relief has been regularly serving in North Texas shelters since the beginning of Hurricane Harvey. We have had a great relationship with the American Red Cross for many years.

Disaster Zone Relief Teams

Victim Relief has been serving in Hurricane Harvey disaster zones in Texas, and will continue deployments to assist the countless victims. Our deployment teams generally spend 2-4 days on deployment before heading home for some much needed rest. While on deployment, they usually stay in churches or other areas arranges through Victim Relief command center or other groups on the ground. Blessings to the many volunteers who have helped us provide much-needed aid during this critical time.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Continues

Victim Relief is continuing deployment, aid and assistance to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Our chaplains, responders, and volunteers have been a critical help to not only law enforcement officers and the military, but also victims and their families. We have set up prayer stations, assisted and counseled victims, and done a great deal of physical help to the victims and responders.

Law enforcement and the military have repeatedly praised our assistance and support of this disaster. Thanks to the donationsand support from the public, we have been able to make a strong impact.


We ask all donors and the public to continue to support www.victimrelief.org with continued donations and fundraisers with friends, family, and co-workers. There is still a lot of work to be done for the victims of Hurricane Harvey, and now Hurricane Irma is threatening Florida. We must continue to be prepared!


Hurricane Harvey Dallas Shelter

Victim Relief has been regularly deploying to the Dallas Mega-shelter set up at the Dallas Convention Center. We provide emotional/spiritual care to victims of this disaster. Evacuees are continuing to move through the shelter, and Victim Relief has committed to be available throughout the process to provide help.

Image of the Dallas Mega Shelter prior to taking in Hurricane Harvey Victims

Hurricane Harvey Volunteers Needed

We still need volunteers to help with the overwhelming demand for assistance. If you have been through training, and need to renew your credentials, please visit the www.victimchaplain.org website to renew membership. Or Click Here for a direct link to renew.

To volunteer, please send an email to [email protected] with availability. Please be patient as we are responding to a lot of calls at the moment. Somebody will get back with you.

IMPORTANT: We still need a great deal of funding to assist with this disaster. Click here to make a donation. Please like us on Facebook and share with your friends and family. We need all the help we can get for the victims.

New Website

Our website team has spent months preparing the new Victim Relief website. We finally have access to the technology we need to help more victims and also update donors and volunteers more effectively. If you have any questions or suggestions about the website, feel free to email our support team at [email protected]

Hurricane Harvey Call-Out

Victim Relief is in the process of gearing up for dispatch to the hurricane in Texas. We have been in constant contact with local, state and federal authorities. We are working with partners and churches and have committed a great deal of assistance to the victims. We will have more information as things unfold this week.