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About Us

The mission of Victim Relief is to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to victims, their families, and friends in times of crisis brought on by disaster, crime, accident, illness, and abuse.

Victim Relief Ministries, Inc. is a faith-based, non-profit corporation organized in the State of Texas and qualified as a tax-exempt religious organization under Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

The ministry has created and sponsors local Victim Relief Chapters in cities and counties across the US to serve the local victims of crime, accident, illness, and abuse.  Local Chapters also provide nationwide manpower, support and services for the victims of disasters and terrorism.  The local Chapters, with their certified Chaplains and Teams, follow the Biblical model of the Good Samaritan, and work together with their community to ease the pain of victims in crisis.

Victim Relief Chapters are made up of Teams from the local faith-based community and victim service organizations, in cooperation with the local police departments and other first responders, trauma centers, and transportation centers, creating effective partnerships to meet the daily physical, emotional and spiritual needs of victims.

While all Chapters are required to adhere to the standards and policies promulgated by the national office, each Chapter is given a certain amount of autonomy to conduct its ministry according to its local needs and customs.  Each Chapter has its independent budget, and is authorized to maintain its own bank account, purchase assets, and raise funds within the community to be used in local relief programs.

We strive to provide a certified Victim Chaplain for every police department across the nation, and to provide teams through each Chapter’s network of community churches and local service agencies to meet the appropriate needs of each victim in the area.

The national headquarters of Victim Relief Ministries provides organizational, training, and support services to its Chapters, including the following:

  • Networking with national law enforcement and criminal prosecution organizations in support of Chapter interface with local law enforcement agencies to make victims aware of services provided by the Victim Relief organization.
  • Networking with national and state church associations in support of Chapter network of local churches as a source of faith-based volunteers and provision.
  • Networking with all national and state service organizations providing some element of service to victims as a source of provision and referral.
  • Training programs and systems for training of Chapter Members and local churches in the ministries of Victim Relief.
  • Fundraising training and assistance for local relief efforts.
  • Accounting, audit, and tax services, along with business system for tracking and recording the results of the ministry to victims.