The following is a summary of particular critical incidents with response from Victim Relief Ministries. Please note that this list is not exhaustive. With Victim Chaplains, Counselors, and Crisis Responders out every day across the country, it is impossible to list all of their courageous work. We praise God for the countless, unnoticed efforts of volunteers daily performing Kingdom ministries as Good Samaritans.


  • Haiti - Crisis and Trauma care for boys orphanage - CURRENT


  • Line of Duty Death of a Police Officer in Dallas, TX
  • Church Bus Crash in Sherman, TX with multiple fatalities and injuries
  • Hurricane Ike in Galveston, TX and statewide support for 8 weeks
  • Hurricane Gustav support in Louisiana and Texas
  • Tropical Storm Edouard in Galveston, TX
  • Hurricane Dolly in Brownsville, TX
  • Tornadoes in Oklahoma and Missouri with 250 homes destroyed and 21 fatalities
  • FLDS Polygamist Investigation, San Angelo, TX
  • Debriefings of responders from FLDS Investigation
  • Flash flooding in San Augustine, TX
  • Wildfires with over 1.4 Million acres burned in Texas
  • Line of Duty Death of a Police Officer in Dallas, TX
  • Tour bus crash with 46 Injured and 1 dead on tour bus in Victoria, TX



  • Church shootings at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO
  • California wildfires
  • Flash flooding in Hamlin and Mercle, TX
  • Explosion at Southwest Industrial Gasses Fire in Dallas, TX
  • Sustained flooding  in Gainesville, Sherman, Weatherford, Wichita Falls, Marble Falls, Hondo, Burnett County and many other rural areas in Texas with 6 fatalities
  • Greensburg, KS Tornado with 11 fatalities and the town of 1,500 being ninety-five percent destroyed
  • Murder/suicide in Weatherford, TX with 4 fatalities. A mother hung herself and four children, one child survived.
  • Straight Line Winds in Dallas, TX Coordination of debris removal
  • Tornado in Cactus, TX Tornado with 100 homes destroyed
  • Tornado in Tulia, TX
  • Tornado in Eagle Pass, TX Tornado with 10 fatalities
  • Virginia Tech Massacre with 33 fatalities
  • Tornado in Haltom City, TX
  • Police Shooting in Dallas, TX
  • Seven Alarm Apartment Fire in Dallas, TX with 93 apartments destroyed
  • Missouri Ice Storm
  • Oklahoma Ice Storm



  • Flash flooding in Ricardo, TX
  • Church Shooting in Baton Rouge, LA
  • Tornadoes in Collin County, TX resulting in three deaths
  • Six Alarm Apartment Fire in Dallas, TX with 40 apartments destroyed
  • Multiple murder/suicide in Dallas, TX



  • Hurricane Katrina: Eleven-and-one-half months – Family support duties for 1,450 families who had deceased loved ones – Lower Ninth Ward body recover until August 2006 – Official State of Louisiana Chaplains for Hurricane Katrina – 257 Chaplains and Crisis Responders deployed to Louisiana – In addition, chaplains in all shelters
  • Hurricane Rita
  • Hurricane Wilma
  • Multiple Murders in Dallas, TX
  • Tsunami Response in Sri Lanka and Indonesia



  • Hurricane Ivan support in Grenada
  • Hurricane Response in Florida, Alabama and the East Coast, US
  • Flash flooding in Lancaster, TX
  • Mass Murders in McKinney, TX



  • Mass Murders in Dallas, TX
  • Hurricane Claudette in South TX
  • Hurricane Isabel in South Louisiana
  • Church Bus Crash in Temple, TX with 7 fatalities and 35 injured/hospitalized
  • Space Shuttle Columbia Tragedy with search teams across East Texas and response at NASA



  • Church Bus Crash in Garland, TX with 5 fatalities  and 25 injured and hospitalized
  • Hurricane Lili in Abbeyville, LA
  • Flash floods in Central Texas




  • 9/11 Terrorism Attacks on the United States



  • Church Shootings at Wedgewood Church in Ft. Worth, TX resulting in 7 fatalities
Devastating Wildfire in Balstrop
Long Term Care during Japan's Recovery