All of our training is offered through Victim Chaplain and Counselor Association.

3-Hour Volunteer Training to Become a Neighbors Keeper Volunteer

This 3-hour orientation is required to become a volunteer.  After the completion of the training, you will receive a t-shirt and a volunteer badge.  At this level, you are not allowed to serve victims, but augment the services of Victim Chaplains, Counselors, and Crisis Responders.  Volunteers at the 3-hour level serve in the office, warehouse, mass distribution at disasters and crime scenes.  This training is offered through the Victim Chaplain and Counselor Association.

Train to Become a Victim Chaplain, Counselor, or Crisis Responder

This 16-training Basic Training is the entry level training to begin working directly with victims.  After the completion of this training, you will have a further in-depth knowledge of victimology, victim advocacy, incident command, death scene protocol, crime scene protocol and more.  This will give you the skills required to be deployed in any situation Victim Relief Ministries encounters. This training is offered through the Victim Chaplain and Counselor Association. 

Advanced Training Opportunities

Once you receive the 16-hour Basic Training, you will begin working one-on-one with victims.  Once you begin working one-on-one with victims, you will realize that you need more training!  At this point, most volunteers begin to specialize in an area of ministry.  Some, not all, of the areas of specialization are below alongwith recommended training.  For more information, contact us today.

Critical Incident Stress Management and Psychological First Aid

    Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) is utilized to provide emotional support to responders (and some victims in certain situations).  Victim Relief Ministries has an extensive volunteer base of CISM certified volunteers.  Volunteers with this training are enabled to provide CISM debriefings.
    Psychological First Aid is utilized to provide emotional support to victims.  
    Both trainings are essential to the advanced volunteer.  Once you have completed them, be certain to notify Victim Relief Ministries.

Crime Response

    In order to work alongside the police, most police departments require further training.  Victim Relief Ministries partners with the local police department in ensuring that all volunteers are adequately equipped to provide support to victims.  Contact us today to ask specific questions about your department.

Issues Surrounding Death

    There is no doubt that Victim Relief Ministries specializes in responding to traumatic death.  Most volunteers begin to see the nuances of a death scene early in their career with the ministry.  Victim Chaplain and Counselor Association (VCCA) offers several Advanced Trainings in this area:

  • Homicide Response and Recovery,
  • Death Notification,
  • Suicide Response and Prevention, and
  • Death and Disasters


Incident Command and Logistical Support

    Whether you want to be an Incident Commander or a fork-lift driver, you must know the Incident Command System.  The good news is that you can specialize in multiple areas of support.  The even better news is that you can begin training now by clicking here.  Again, after you have completed the training, notify Victim Relief Ministries.