button volunteer.jpg– Wants to serve, but has not yet been trained. Due to the unique needs of victims, untrained volunteers are not able to assist in the field, but their help is needed and appreciated in the office/warehouse location in the Dallas area.

  • Clerical in office
  • Home Repair
  • Furniture Delivery
  • Baskets of Love
  • Support to responders
  • Kit Packaging
  • Warehouse
  • Other button 3 hour.jpg - Has completed the three hour training as an introduction to the Victim Relief services and can be used to assist Crisis Responders, Victim Chaplains, or office staff. The three hour training is the first step toward being able to work directly with clients. button crisis responder.jpg– Has been certified as a crisis responder through VCCA training. Serves victims

  • In the field
  • With Police
  • Disasters button victim chaplain.jpg– Is clergy, or endorsed by clergy, and has taken VCCA 16-hour training serving

  • In spiritual support
  • Possibly death notifications
  • With Crisis Responders in field, with police, and disasters
  • And in same capacity as VR Crisis Responder as needed button needed items.jpgClick here to learn what the current needs are for ministry clients (victims) 

Click here for training information.