Because victims’ lives have been shattered and their trust destroyed, they may be harder to reach than someone who has not been victimized. That is why the work of the faith community is so important in Victim Relief Ministries, and that is why the Victim Recovery program of Victim Relief using specially trained individuals is so important. God’s love lived out in the lives of people as they reach out to hurting individuals can make the difference in the healing and recovery of victims. In addition to physical and emotional support, Victims deserve the peace of eternal healing. And as a church responding to their needs, “you will become like a watered garden to them providing waters which do not fail.” (Isaiah 58:11)

 As a church, you can make a difference in the lives of hurting people by:

  • Supporting the victim service of trained Victim Chaplains from your church through prayers and encouragement,
  • Distributing information regarding Victim Relief Ministries within your church,
  • Identifying and encouraging the participation of volunteers from your church,
  • Supporting a Victim Relief Committee from within your church,
  • Becoming the Victim Recovery (Hope Restores Program) spiritual support system for victims by allowing Victim Relief to refer wounded individuals to your church through your trained committee structure in order to provide the eternal hope that provides the only way to complete healing. Victims need to know the Lord, but because of their trauma, they must be handled gently through special materials rather than using an aggressive evangelistic approach. This program will require special individuals who sense a calling from the Lord to work with wounded people.
  • You can help by supporting Victim Relief Ministries through your prayers and through your financial resources. Both are critical to the ongoing work of the ministry. A one time gift, or on-going monthly pledge gifts from the church are a tremendous help in making it possible for the programs of the ministry to victims of crime and disaster to continue effectively.