Victim Relief Ministries recognizes Victim Chaplain Bill Wilson for eight years of service in assisting victims of crime and disaster. Bill's dedication to helping others, no matter the task, is appreciated by all who know him. Bill Wilson has been volunteering with Victim Relief since 2001, and served for six months as a chaplain to those in need in South Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.  He helped the Call Center set up to reunite family members after the evacuation.  Next he worked the tornados in West Texas, the floods in North Texas and became a chaplain for the Dallas police department.

However, Bill is not able to serve at this time in his life and, in fact, needs help himself. He is currently on the Liver Transplant List in this region.  His score is a 22 and there are 4 other folks ahead of him on the list with A-negative blood types.  The doctors feel he is 1 to 3 months away for receiving a liver.  He now needs 24 hour care to assist him with the daily tasks in life.  He has been staying with friends until he gets to the top of the transplant list. 

Please Pray for Bill:

  • a new liver and the family of the liver donor,
  • for his health to stabilize, including a reduction of issues with ammonia poisoning (common liver disease issue),
  • for strength before the transplant so he can rebound quickly post-transplant,
  • for friends who are taking care of Bill,
  • for wisdom for all who watch after Bill in discerning his state of mind and health (looking for issues and knowing when to get the doctors involved),
  • for Bill to rebound quickly and heal 100% and for Bill’s body to accept the new liver.

Bill, you are loved and appreciated by many.