Victim Relief Ministries has been serving to meet the needs of crime victims since 1999 providing physical, emotional and spiritual support. Our volunteers are serving crime victims primarily in Texas, Southern California and Mesa, Arizona at this time with future plans for expanding services to other states.

  • I am a victim of crime and need help.
    • If you are a crime victim in need of help and are in immediate danger, call 911 immediately. If you are a crime victim and the danger has passed, and are looking for guidance and long-term support, we can help. You will need a copy of your police report in front of you when you contact our office in order to answer questions that will enable us to help you.  Also, you have rights!  Click here to view the Crime Victim Rights page.
  • I am a crime victim services organization needing to refer
    • We accept referrals from other agencies where we have trained volunteers who can respond in the referring area. Click here to contact us. 
  • I want to volunteer my help
    • Volunteers are always welcome but must complete the required training in order to respond to the sensitive area of serving victims.  Training Calendar
  • I am a police department looking for information
    • The Victim Relief Ministries crime victim services pilot program began in 2000 by working with the Dallas, Texas Police Department in their volunteer program as well as volunteer ride-a-longs. VRM is dedicated to putting the needs of victims first while adhering to crime scene and police officer protocol. The role of VRM in working with a local police department is to relief the burden of caring for victims from the officer so they are able to complete their job at the scene without needing to deal with traumatized people. Our volunteer Victim Chaplains are trained by the police department in knowing how to respond in violent crime situations. For more information, please contact our office.